Monday, November 17, 2008

Alan had a birthday!!

Yes, my friends, our little man is TWO, so we had ourselves a little party.

Here is the honoree himself, with his standard answer to "how old are you?":
You know life is good when you are arm-pit deep in a gift bag!

This face means "open", because, of course, all toys must be immediately opened AND...

Played with!

For a few minutes anyway. Until you can tear yourself away to open more presents. Or move on to... cake!

Alan loves tractors (and pigs, for that matter) and has a couple of different farm sets. I took one of them as my inspiration (and decorations) for his cake.

Those little tan blobs are toasted coconut-covered marshmallows disguised as hay bales. :)

It was either that or a pink pig face. I went the scenic route.

Alan approved, but thought the pig needed to be a little closer to the action:

See now why I dressed him in denim overalls? :)

Mmmmm.... cake.

The fam on Alan's big day:

Happy birthday, my little one! I'm so glad we get to celebrate YOU!

**We could not be celebrating with Alan today if it were not for God's hand in his life and for a very special family somewhere who chose to give life at a time that without a doubt was devastating for them. We are so grateful for this family and their gift of life. If you have not considered organ donation,
please give it some thought. Let your family know your wishes. Lives like Alan's are saved as a result of a gift from strangers.**


Kimberly said...

Yippee Alan! I know you were all excited to celebrate this year. He seems to be doing so well and growing fast!

Kristin said...

What a wonderful little party I missed... Can't wait to see that "open" face again at Christmas. :)

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Alan!! What a sweet little man!