Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jingle all the - Hey!

Lisa (aka "My Mom" / aka "Mimi") at Simple Journeys wanted to know if I've got my Jingle on.

Heck yeah! I'm so ready for the holidays! I couldn't have said it better than she did in
her post. Last year: waiting for transplant - yuck. This year: life on the 'flip side' - yay!

To see how different I'm anticipating this Christmas to be from 2007, you should really go read
this post from last year. It made me cry, but mostly in a good way. It made me laugh too. :)

Reading that post will also show you the pics of some of my new decor for this year! I am counting the days until it's time to decorate! I have stuff for a new themed tree and can't decide where I'm going to put it.

I also plan to put up our traditional tree, and maybe even a 'kid' tree! (and I have no idea where we're going to fit all these!)

And while I'm show and tellin', look what I bought myself Greg bought me last night:

And last week I grabbed this CD from the closet to listen to:

I have no idea who that is. But it is easy-to-listen-to (as in doesn't drive me up a wall) Christmas music and that is good enough.

I also bought some gold and silver glitter and these last night:

Don't they look fun? They are for little star/snowflake ornaments.
The glitter? I dunno. Pinecones maybe. Anything is fair game! ;)

So, oh yes my friends, I am feelin' the Jingle. Have you noticed the countdown on my sidebar? You should get one too! :)

Speaking of you... have you got your Jingle on?

Since I've been asked, I'm passing the question on to....

I hope you ladies are getting ready to jingle! Write a blog post and tell everyone all about it! Then ask 3 more friends. :)

And what about you? Are you feeling the Jingle yet?


Simple Journeys said...

Girlfriend! When you get your jingle on, you really GET YOUR JINGLE ON!!!!
Whooo hooo!!

The Cole's est 2002 said...

I feel so honored to have a direct question! Oh yes! My problem is trying to stay in control with toys. I know it is silly but I catch myself shopping online for toys for the kids all the time. We havent so far had more then 4 or 5 things for them Christmas morning but I just cant help myself. Also if you havent heard of this I am about to share something that will change your music lovin world! Have you been to You can type in an artist you like say...Chris Tomlin and create a radio station for songs that sound like him. The other prove my jingle...I typed in Christmas and would you believe they had jazz Christmas streaming constantly. It was so nice. I cleaned my house to Christmas music in the middle of October. Love it!

Kara said...

I'm gearing up, but refuse to do too much until after Thanksgiving. I love the fall and like to savor it...then I love to go crazy with Christmas decoration. I'll get working on my Jingle and post soon:)
Oh, and what a difference a year can make huh?!!

Darcy @ LWM3B said...

Gracious you do have your jingle on.

Me? Notsomuch.

Just wanted to thank you for the kind comment. You'll get there, too! At your little one's age, I thought we'd never see this day. Now at, 5 1/2 yo, it's hard to believe it's been almost a full year since we slept there. Some day, we'll both be able to tell the story how we haven't even seen the inside of a hosp in soooo long. Won't that be something???


Nigel's Mom said...

I love you Christmassy people! That Joy to the World is beautful. I especially like that picture near to the last with the mostly black and white background with multi-colored Christmas tree. And guess what? Tomorrow, I am going to be scanning my grocery store shelves for some of that gingerbread spice tea! Oh yeah!

Kimberly said...

I am getting to my post right away! Yippee for sure helps that I am moving, so the Christmas boxes will already be out and ready to be unloaded.

Kimberly said...

Oops! Forgot to link back to you for my readers until I posted and rushed out the door for an errand. As I walked in the store, it hit me that I hadn't done so! So sorry! I have fixed it now! :) Thanks again for the tag!