Monday, November 10, 2008

The buffaloes go to the zoo

We drove our little herd to the zoo one afternoon recently. Have you ever been to the zoo in the fall? It's very nice! A lot of my trips have been in the summer when it is always very:

1. hot
2. crowded
3. hot

This was Alan's first trip to a zoo, and the first for Dale in over 2 years! Both boys had a blast.

Personally, I loved these guys:
Apparently river otters really know how to nap!
By the way, if you save a photo as "zoo otters" all run together it spells "zoootters". I found that amusing. :)

Isn't this pretty? Another reason to go to the zoo in the fall.
(And have you noticed there aren't any other people in these pics? We practically had the place to ourselves!)

I love it when a person is easy to please. A whole place full of fun animals, and Alan was just as interested in a little creek? ditch? of bubbling running water.
Way to go Alan! That's how to get our money's worth! (never mind the fact he got in for free)

Dale wasn't sure what to think of this guy at first. I'm not sure they ever made friends.
Not only was he not sure of a tree with a face, he was in a hurry to get to these guys:

Aren't they sweet? We'd been reading about giraffes all week while learning the soft 'g' sound, so he was really excited to get to see the real thing. :)

And of course, the elephants are always right around the corner from the giraffes:

See that fancy black fence up there? We stood at that fence and all applied hand sanitizer. In my bumbliness I dropped the lid. In slow motion it bounce-bounce-bounced and rolled under the fence and just out of reach.

We all just kind of stared. I was seriously considering lifting Dale over (there was a very deep and wide water-way beyond the fence and some rocks that divided us from the elephants) but Greg must have read my mind because he quickly informed there were probably security cameras.

Never mind the whole safety issue. We just didn't want to get caught. ;) KIDDING!

So, to our friendly zoo officials: sorry about the litter. Really. I would much rather have kept my lid!


Kristin said...

Hahaha, oh wow. I want to be a kid again. I've been wanting to go to the zoo for over two years now! Adamand I went once last year... it was closed. :(

Natalie said...

Parker and Alan would get along great. That pic on my blog where Tate and him are looking at the zoo. All these magnificent creatures and we can't drag them away from the ants. Love kids!

Kara said...

That looks like fun, what a nice zoo you all have!