Saturday, January 12, 2008

Would you like fries with that?

Guess what? Dale has come for a visit!

My grandparents brought him over Friday morning.

It was quite a joyful reunion for all involved.

We were thinking he would stay for a night or two, but after seeing him at the Ronald McDonald house and spending some time together, we're thinking maybe now he can stay a little longer. (another reason to love the RMH!!)

My grandparents explained to him in the car that we were staying at a place called the Ronald McDonald House. Of course, visions of golden arches immediately began to dance in Dale's head. Several of us took different opportunities to explain to him that it was NOT McDonald's, that there would NOT be any cheeseburgers.

This was especially important since his first visit was at lunch time. Satisfied that there wouldn't be any hamburgers, Dale informed us he would just have a cheese sandwich. We told him we were pretty sure they would have the stuff for a cheese sandwich.

10 or 15 minutes later we brought Dale in and got him registered at the front desk. He got a red bracelet to match Mama & Daddy's and got his polaroid picture made to go in the file with ours. The lady registering Dale was, of course, very kind and chatted some with Dale.

Dale, never the shy one, looks her right in the eye and asks, "Do y'all have any cheese sandwiches?"

She was kind enough not to be offended. I'm sure they get that a lot with the 4 year old crowd. You can't blame them. There IS one of those shiny plastic red-shoed yellow-jumpsuited clown guys sitting outside on a park bench.

The only problem is.... who knows what in the world Dale will order up next time we are in an actual Mc Donald's!


Mommy said...

Kids are so funny about things! I enjoyed reading your post about Dale today. :)

Kara said...

I'm so glad Dale came for a visit, how wonderful!! So funny about the cheese sandwich:) Enjoy Dale's visit.

Anonymous said...
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