Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Alan pics

Before getting to the Alan pics I wanted to do a little update on Dale.

He got a cold a couple of weeks ago that hit him pretty hard and has taken him a long time to get over.

But now he is feeling better and is back in Arkansas with Grandma. They are doing lots of fun stuff, and the best way for Dale and me to stay in touch is (surprisingly?) on the computer. We do Instant Messaging! It isn't quite as emotional for him as hearing my voice, plus we get the added bonus of him working on his reading skills and getting to play on the computer.

If I only knew how many more days it will be until I get to see him again I would SO be counting them!

For various & sundry reasons, almost all of which have to do with not being at home with my usual software, I am using my blog for photo hosting instead of loading very many pictures to Alan's CB page right now.

Now, explanation out of the way, let's get on with the pictures:

Alan, not far into one of his hard earned (by us) naps. Not only was it essential to get a picture to remind ourselves later that, yes, Alan does actually sleep, we wanted to document the placement of the foot. Feet & legs don't usually grow that way, do they?

Speaking of feet... I have a thing for baby feet. And this pic was just too sweet:

We've taken Alan outside to play a couple of times in the play area here at RMH. He loves it, and it is so good for all of us to get out. Here is is sitting atop a little slide. Can you see his little smile behind that mask?

Hanging on for a ride:

My little hobo. He loved, loved pushing this cart all over the place!

See how big the steriods are making his cheeks?

More pushing stuff around.


Anonymous said...

Dale says "I love you" "I love Alan at the playground at night."
I'm doing good playing with my toys at Grandma's house in Arkansas.
Love Dale

Anonymous said...

PS Grandma says "We love you Alan and hope to see you soon."

fairenuff said...

Oh yes, I see the extra sparkle in Alan's eyes. Lol, you are not going to be able to keep up with him when you get home. I cant wait for more and more fun pics.
Big hugs for Alan and Dale and, Amy, here is one just for you! MMMmmmmmmm


Kristin said...

Aw! I love the pics! I wish I could hang out and be a hobo with Alan! (my fav. :), actually the one when he is sitting on his knees with his baby feet sticking out is my fav)
I love you guys. :)

Shannon said...

What a cutie!

Michelle said...

I love baby feet too! I have ultrasound pictures of all the girls feet...weird? Maybe! :-)

Kara said...

He just makes my day!!

Mommy said...

Great Pictures! I do see his smile. His eyes are just shining. Of course mine would be too, if I got to play in a Ronald McDonald play room. ;-)

BTW. I finally got my award. I am now going to put it on my blog. Thank you again!