Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I've been inspired!!

So.... A few hours ago I was feeling rather uninspired.

Well, boy oh boy, I have found some blog fodder now!

If you read
Alan's CB you know that we were able to get a room at the local Ronald McDonald House.

Wow. I have been using words like 'incredible' and 'amazing' to describe this place. If you are looking for a place to support or volunteer (in addition to your local church) then look no further than RMH.

These places are a true God-send to families of sick kids. Here's how it's gone for us:

At the beginning of our ICU journey, we had my grandparents and their RV just 45 minutes down the road. We got to get away, shower & sleep. Nana & PawPaw fed us like royalty! But then they had to go home and help take care of Dale and other things on the home front. (Thank you N&P!!! You were our lakeside retreat when we really needed you most!) :)

And then, after 10 days of camping out in Alan's room and the ICU waiting room, sleeping on a weird fold-out couch or two chairs pushed together, eating expensive cafeteria food, showering in an institutional-like public shower, and treking down a long hospital hallway just to brush our teeth, we were given a room at RMH yesterday afternoon.

Greg and I came over to do the orientation and get the tour and our key. I immediately jumped in the shower. In a REAL bathroom. Yes, a shared bathroom, but it looks like any bathroom that could be in any home anywhere. After getting cleaned up we were just in time for the evening meal. Different groups volunteer and donate or cook the meals. Last night was take-out pizza. We sat at a real table and chairs and drank out of real glasses!

After eating, we were anxious to get back to the hospital, where we insisted my parents take the first night in the real beds. The next morning, they arrived at the hospital, rested and showered, and with food from the House! The hosts insist that you pack a lunch, and bring food for those at the hospital. They brought Greg and I each a sausage biscuit, a poppy-seed muffin, and a carton of orange juice. What a treat!

Greg and I are spending the night at the house tonight. So here I sit, with wireless internet access. Freshly showered (I've had a shower a day for 2 days in a row? Impossible! And I even got to shave my legs!).

Supper tonight? Donated by a local hotel. Oh-my-goodness. Some sort of pork. Scalloped potatoes. Chicken breasts in a better-than-fabulous white sauce with capers and other good things. Huge ziti in a white sauce with sun-dried tomatoes. A vegetable medly with the hugest, freshest brocolli, cauliflower, asparagus, and tomatoes. Plus desserts out the wazoonie. Turtle brownies. Chocolate chunk pecan pie bars. And little raspberry/cheesecake squares on a chocolate crust that just made you go weak in the knees.

All they ask is that you give a little donation per night. And clean up after yourself. And do your assigned chores (ours are in the living room). And you can sleep. And eat. And shower. And play. And do laundry.

A pretty amazing deal. An undeniable gift from God. If you ever are looking for a place to give to others, please consider

*It could probably go without saying, but I feel the need to throw in here that as whole-heartedy grateful I am I would trade in the whole RMH experience in an instant if it meant I could make this whole liver disease thing go away and take home a happy, healthy Alan right this very minute. But, ironically, it is that whole "liver disease thing" that makes me so grateful and appreciative of all RMH has to offer.


Kristin said...

Oh wow! Sounds absolutely AMAZING!!!

Kerimae said...

I had a friend who stayed at RMH and she was just as awed and grateful. I am so glad you two are there!

I couldn't believe how much fluid they drained from Alan; that's so much for such a little guy! I thank God we live in a time when medical care can do things such as draining excess fluid. All the lines in his wee body break my heart. Come on Alan; let's kick that pnuemonia out.

Dale's truck conversation CRACKED ME UP. Oh, it was SO like my 7yo son! What is it about boys and wheels? And I am also directionally challenged, so I had another great laugh about that.

You guys are a definite testimony to God's goodness and STRENGTH. Hang in there! Glad you got your legs shaved LOL


Karen said...

I'm so glad there is a place that fills such a necessary role in your lives and the lives of others. We have a RMH in our city and I have (I'm ashamed to admit) never considered helping them because I wasn't really sure what it was all about.

You have such a wonderful spirit about all of this heartache, Amy! You are an inspiration to me.

Anonymous said...

We "lived" in the Dallas RM house from Feb 25th to August 2 in 1993. It truly was our home away from home. Now they have a newer & bigger house. It is a wonderful gift, sad that parent/families need it but it's great it's there for them in their time of need. Our prayers are with Alan as he recovers and with you guys too.

Karen - Jen & Jon's mom

Christy said...

I've stayed twice at two different Ronal McDonald houses and both places were amazing. I always donate to them now and I figure I will til I die. Unless you've been there you can't possibly understand the blessing these places are!

brwilliams said...

OH! So glad you guys got a REAL bed, and a REAL shower, where you can get REAL rest. :)

Kara said...

I'm so glad you are staying at the RM house. My service fraternity in college cleaned the one there and it was really nice.

I pray that soon you can Alan home and this all be a distant memory!

Mommy said...

I have heard only good things about RMH. My Pen Pal stayed there when she had to have surgery for Twin to Twin transfusion. RMH gave her other children three Christmas presents each as it was around Christmas time.

Thanks for sharing your great experience with RMH.