Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Keep on truckin'

I have to say... I miss blogging terribly. As I go here and there and do things throughout my day, little thoughts cross my mind and I think "I want to put that in my blog!" And then, when I find a quiet moment, all those thoughts that I thought might make interesting blog reading seem to vanish.

So I sit and all that comes to mind are things from the ICU. Sick babies & kids. Worried parents.

And lots and lots of medical words. Tacrolimus. Creatinine. Intubation. Sedation. They go on and on and swim around in my head.... even when I leave.

But those aren't the things that I want to fill my blog with. Alan's site is a good place for those words. To use them & explain them.

Here, I like to be lighthearted. Or share thoughtful thoughts. Things that are meaningful to me. Not spew medical jargon.

I think part of my problem is being away from Dale. A four year old is a great source of blog inspiration! I talked to him on the phone today. It took him at least half of the conversation to realize he was talking to me and not my mom (I was using her cell phone). He called me "Mimi" twice. Twice I explained to him that it wasn't Mimi. It was Mama. I think he got it the second time.

I stood at the 12th story window and talked to him about the cars I saw driving on the interstate. I told him I saw a UPS big-rig. This is how the conversation proceeded from there:
Dale: Did it have a double trailer or just one.
Mama: Double
Dale: Oh. Was it going left or right?
Mama: Left
Dale: Oh. Was it turning left or going straight left?
Mama: Going straight left
Dale: Oh. Was it going south or west or north or east
Mama: East

(I completely made that East part up, because I had absolutely no idea what direction I was facing, much less which way the truck was going. All I knew was I was looking OUT the window and DOWN at the ground.)

So with that, Dale was satisfied and we moved on to discuss other traffic for a while.

And I guess the lesson in all of this would be, if I would like to continue with my regular blogging while here in the ICU, I should talk to Dale more often. ;)


fairenuff said...

Oh Amy,
How precious is Dale?! I just want to squeeze him. What a sweetheart.

You do realise that you have just admitted to lying to him and he might read this when he grows up and think, "My life was a sham, she lied about the 'east' thing!" Hee hee!!

You know what I do (and I dont have the distraction that you have at the moment)... I keep a pen and paper on my desk and jot down little conversations that I want to note on the blog but know I will forget. I've even been known to write on my hand or payment receipts when I am out and about!

Keep on truckin'!!

Big hugs (and a special BIIIIIG hug for Dale)


Kristin said...

I'll gladly pass that hug along to Dale, Sam. :)

I loved the blog! I asked him a few times who he was talking to and he said "Mama" everytime. I've been called "Mama" a few times on accident this week, but I don't mind so much. :) If someone thinks I am anything like you I will take that as HUGE compliment in any area. :) I love you!!!

Mommy said...

Boys like all the facts huh? ;-)