Wednesday, January 16, 2008

There are parts of my brain that seem to be malfunctioning

Hello Blog.

I miss you.

And I will be back.

I just simply don't have the brainpower for blogging.

But I'm not complaining, mind you.

Some randomness from my days....

- American Idol is some good tv that doesn't ask much of the viewer. Thanks Fox, for giving us 2 nights in a row. A whole 4 hours of entertainment without having to think or commit. Well done!

- A recovering baby given a tub full of soapy water in his bed will splash. A LOT. The whole bed will be soaked. But Mom, Dad, and nurse won't care a bit, because said baby is happy. And you have to fill the days some way or another.

- There is an actual process to putting on sterile gloves (and keeping them sterile). It takes practice. You can contaminate without even knowing it.

- Sleep is a wonderful, wonderful thing. I'm going to go get some now.

See you around, blog friends!


Keri said...

What great photos on your hospital website; SO nice to see your sweet little boy with such happy smiles.


Mommy said...

What a neat idea to put watter in a small tub! Glad it made him happy. :)