Friday, December 7, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up - Weeks 13 & 14

We moseyed along for 4 weeks after baby Daniel was born, took 1 week for Thanksgiving, then started back to (almost) full-schedule school the Monday after Thanksgiving.

We have backed off on some of the extras for now as it is a busy time with a newborn, and also to slow down and ensure we are mastering the basics.

In the last two weeks...

Dale: Completed 2 spelling lists.  This week he seemed to have a good grasp on his list, so I gave him a pop-test on Wednesday.  The two he missed were the only ones I asked him to use in his practice activities on Wednesday and Thursday, and we retested on those today.

Read the biography of Harriet Tubman (and discussed it at our local Library Book Club).

Finished reading Romans and began I Corinthians.

Used the Bible and portions of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas for copywork.

Began a unit on fractions.

Joined Alan and me in for a few lessons in our study through Acts.

Made cookies completely by himself!  They were delicious; he washed the dishes, and then blogged about making cookies.  Success!

Continued moving forward in his phonics book (Explode the Code 2), working with beginning blends.

Practiced numbers to 40 in math.  We both saw he needs more practice writing numbers, so I printed Twelve Days of Christmas-themed number-writing worksheets.

Reviewed all of the lower-case cursive letters we've covered so far.

Continued through Acts, using coloring sheets from

Decided he really really wants to "do school" with the big boys, so we busted out the hardly-used 10 cent preschool workbook Mimi scored at a garage sale this summer.  He was so happy!

Brought out a few of our printed activities, like this shapes mitten match.

A lot of school this week was done the afternoons during naptime, so that time didn't have to be filled for Tyler. :)

Napped during afternoon school, but also got to try a couple of new activites, like playing with some oat flour (oats ground in the food processor) I had leftover a while back from a recipe.

It's been a good 2 weeks, and good for all of us to get back to a routine.  It was also wonderful to have incredibly mild weather so the boys got to spend a lot of time outside.  Now to get through 2 more weeks before Christmas break! :)

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Cindy said...

You are a fantastic mom and teacher!