Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dashing through the... spring-like day...

....just doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?  

I'm not complaining, though. Love, loving the weather.

The cold is coming soon enough (like... Monday) and I'll probably love that too.  I don't like change, unless it's the weather.  Go figure.  

Whatever the weather, we got out for a little Christmas fun this evening.

The boys have been anxiously awaiting picking out their ornaments for 2012, and we finally got to the "gettin' place" today to do just that.

Dale: Flashy red racecar, Tyler: sparkly candy,
Alan & Brooklyn: matching gingerbread men/candycanes, 
Daniel: teddy bear in a stocking
For an extra treat, and because we happened to be out at supper time, and because they were buy one get one for 55cents, we enjoyed these for supper:
Photo credit: Kristin, via Instagram
To finish off the evening we went to two big lights displays.  The first is one of those that is set to a musical program you tune in on your car radio.
The boys love the "singing" snowman on the left. The whole thing is definitely worth the drive.
I videoed a small sample.. you just have to imagine "Jingle Bells" to go with it, 'kay?
The second display is a drive-through event we have done for years and years now. Always fun, and because of the location one we can often visit more than once a season.

(And all this fun took place on my Daddy's birthday! Happy Birthday, Gramps!)


Bobby said...

Thanks for the cupcakes and glad you'll had some Christmas on my birthday!

Michelle said...

My kids ran around all weekend singing "it's beginning to look a lot like MAAAAARCH!" They were very amused with themselves.