Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sick Day

One little buffalo started the day by losing his breakfast.  One hour before we all headed out the door for story time at the library.  Needless to say, plans changed.  

My sickie on Saturday, before he was a sickie.
 The big boys spent a lot of the morning out in the fresh air.  Brooklyn spent a lot of time sequestered in the pack 'n play (a first for her, and for her own good)

...and Tyler spent about half the day right here on this couch.

A couple of hours of tv, a a couple of hours napping, and he woke up almost as good as new.  

Dale has been trying for days now to grasp the meaning of the phrase "take for granted".  I think tomorrow I will tell him I go to bed at night and take it for granted that all will be well the next day, but this night, I didn't!  This night I'm going to bed hoping and praying that all (of us) will be well tomorrow!

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Arkansas Grandma said...

I am sorry sweet Tyler. I hope by the time you hear those words you are all new. Love ya
Grandma "Rick"