Thursday, December 27, 2012

Did you really even have to ask?

Daddy and the big boys have had a couple of big days out this week, going and doing.  One thing they planned was a night of fireworks.

This afternoon the guys all headed out for some other fun with plans for fireworks after dark.  Tyler was pretty upset at being left behind, and the guys tried to help by telling him they were going on out to get a show ready and he could come watch it later.

Tyler accepted that bargain and settled in a little reluctantly at home with Mama and the babies.

A few hours later we bundled up and ventured out in the cold night and leftover snow to see the show, picking up Mimi along the way.

Mom and I enjoyed our visit on the drive out, but really couldn't believe we were out of our warm cozy homes and into dark and cold.

I finally asked "For whose benefit are we doing this, anyway?"

The answer to that, of course, was "Tyler's".  

As we turned into the driveway for the show, I teasingly called to the back of the van, "Tyler, you better enjoy this!  Are you ready for the show?"


From the darkness all we could hear was....


"Tyler?  Are you awake?"

"No," came the tiny reply from the back.

Parked by now, we turned on the light and turned to see our little buddy:
I asked again, "Tyler? Are you awake?"

Without moving a muscle, or opening his eyes, my little boy, 95% O.U.T. responds:

"I said, 'no'."

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Kristin said...

Haha! What a sweetheart. I hope he woke up and enjoyed the show!!!