Friday, August 17, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up - Week 5

Another full week, lined with full days.  I am surprised these days to find us schooling until 4 or sometimes 5 in the afternoons.  I thought homeschoolers were supposed to finish everything by noon!?  

I don't know if we are relaxed, trying to do too much, or just plain pokey.  Maybe a little of all 3?

Here's our week, mostly in pictures:
Continuing with Tyler's ocean theme we brought out our little sea creatures and a tub o'water.

This proved to be a bit hit with all 4!

Tyler's favorite new phrase: "I want to do some school!"
Which keeps me on my toes finding things to keep him busy.  Win/win I'd say.

Yeah, it's blurry, but he's doing copywork, and smiling about it!  A good sport about most of his work most days, it's still nice to have a picture as a reminder.

All of Dale's copywork this week were Proverbs about pleasant words.  I have enough lined up for next week, as well.  Some nice discussion goes along with these, for someone (or a couple of someones....ahem) that might ought to work on using more positive words. 

Alan's Bible topic this week was Obedience.  His Bible stories for the week were Adam & Eve, Shadrach & friends, Jonah, King Hezekiah, and Lot's wife.  Turns out Mama & Daddy's discipline isn't so bad when you consider you could be swallowed by a fish or get turned into a pillar of salt.  Am I right, or am I right, eh?

We started our Country Studies this week!  Our first stop has been the United Kingdom.  It's going to be hard to only spend a week in each place; there is so much to do and learn!

I'm planning a post for next week solely on our UK study, so I'll leave the details of the previous two pictures for that.  It's enough to say we stayed busy, learned some neat stuff and built something really cool!

Next week I'm planning a light schedule, basically an 'off week' for the boys.  I'm hoping putting one of these in every 5-6 weeks will keep us fresh throughout the year.  I've got a fabulous to-do list already going with all I'm hoping to get done next week!

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