Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Anniversary to Us!

August 12, 2012 and we are celebrating 12 years of marriage!

"Celebrating" being a relative term, of course.  Today it means "acknowledging with love and thankfulness."  No gifts, no parties, no candlelit evening. 

And we are both ok with that.  Our treat for the day was picking up burgers on the way home from church.  That's not a habit of ours, so it really was a treat!

We're calling our 'gift' the acquisition of 3 new (free!) bookshelves into the house.  All 3 were no longer going to be in use and would be thrown away if no one was interested.  Greg said he was interested, thankyouverymuch, and went back the next day (Friday) to pick them up.

He spent a big chunk of Saturday getting them all situated in their new places.

Two went into places I had pictured needing extra storage for quite some time, and Greg had been eyeballing the third place for a while, too.

Shelf number one received a set of casters and is now a rolling pantry next to our fridge:

Shelf two is right where Greg wanted it, in the laundry room to hold stuff that needed a home out there.
I admittedly had my doubts about this one at first as #1, it displaced other things that had been in that space and #2, I was worried about it becoming cluttered.  But with the addition of some hooks on either side for my purse and aprons problem #1 was solved.  Then seeing how it filled up with big items like the deteregent and other laundry supplies, I am feeling better about the clutter-catching risk as well.  My favorite part is that the calf-feeding supplies now have a home somewhere other than my kitchen counter!

And finally, shelf three.  To actually be used as a bookshelf!  We put this one at the end of the hallway, just as you enter the boys' room.

I'm not done 'moving into' this one yet, but already it has given relief to some other shelves in the boys' room.  Even after I finish putting all I want to into it I expect to have a little bit of shelf space left for more books.  Because we'll always be getting more books.

(And before anyone asks, YES, these shelves have been secured to the walls to avoid tipping.)

We have had a good time enjoying the fact that of all the things we consider 'needs' right now, God surprised us this weekend fulfilling some lesser-priority wants.  And that's how we're 'celebrating' our 12th. :)

Married life so far, by the numbers:
12 years
6 residences
5 kids
2 dogs
1 cat
1 fish
1 calf
4 surgeries
1 broken arm
8 jobs
10 vehicles
4 towns
3 churches


Kristin said...

Woohoo! Sounds like a good time! And I love your new shelves! Extra storage is always a plus!

Karen said...

Wow, 12 is your number isn't it?! Maybe God will give you a herd of 12 Buffaloes and Butterflies. Then one of those arranged marriages between our families is bound to happen, right? ;)

Congratulations to you both on 12 years. Praising God for the excellent marriages He has given us.

P.S. Love the shelves but I'm guessing you already knew I would say that.

wholarmor said...

Happy anniversary! Nice shelves!

Arkansas Grandma said...

What a great idea to put casters on shelf #1, who would have thought. 12 12 12 NICE!