Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Christmas all year

Christmas in August: a project from a recent family devotion.  We liked having a reminder of Jesus' humble birth sitting in our dining space for the week.
One morning when "everything" was wrong and I felt overwhelmed and frustrated, I thought of our August manger scene and reflected on what it means for all of us who can call Jesus 'Savior'.

No matter how wrong "everything" gets - whether it is the simple frustrations of daily life, or the tragedies and hard times that come along less often (thankfully!), I can be reassured that not everything is wrong.

Because the King of Kings was born in that manger, lived a perfect life, paid the punishment for my sins with his death, and then rose again, I can have hope, no matter what circumstances come my way.

So whether I am facing a major crisis or a minor one, In August or December, I can see that baby in the lowly manger and know that "because He lives, I can face tomorrow" (and today)! :)

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