Thursday, August 2, 2012

28 Weeks, Baby #5

As is usual for me, I am measuring right on, but by looks you'd think I was an entire month behind.
Everyone always wants to know where I hide 'em.  With the exception of Brooklyn, the other babies have been right in the range of 8lbs or higher.

I guess it has something to do with having a long waist?  

We are in the fun stage now where baby rolls and kicks does who-knows-what in there.  He is big and strong enough that I can feel every move, but still small enough that he has plenty of room and it doesn't hurt (yet) when he punches.

He is still generic "he" for now as we are still looking over names.  Our list is still pretty long, much to the dismay of some people, who think we should already be calling this little one by name.  :)
Getting around and sleeping are kind of a pain (literally) due to prematurely loose ligaments causing some joints that are usually pretty stationary to rub together.  This is my third pregnancy to deal with it, so I do just that: cinch up by handy support belt and deal with it.

Greg and I are not in agreement yet on where little man will sleep at night.  We may end up playing it by ear for a few weeks until we get everyone settled in.  Question: have any of you had any problems with wakeful newborns disturbing siblings during the night (if they shared a room)?

12 weeks to go... seems short and long at the same, and I am ok with both!


Kristin said...

I am still so excited about your baby! Can't wait to meet "him." ;-)

KeriMae said...

Aww, look how cute you are!