Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Under the Sea - Preschool

Tyler's second unit of the school year was beach and ocean. Such an easy and fun unit! Here are some of our activities:


From the blog: Because Babies Grow Up.


A few of our favorites from the library this unit:

Crafts and Stuff

Seashell sorting and other printed activities from Under the Sea, on hand from last year's extensive ocean unit.  (Check it out for lots more links and activities!)

 Remember our finger painting a week or so ago?  After the pages were dry we folded them in half, drew a fish shape on the back, cut out both pieces, and glued them together with a string in the middle for hanging.  Or flying around the house.  
'F' is for 'fish'!  And 'fingerprints'. ;)  Thumbprints all over our cut-out letter, embellished with magic marker faces, tails, and fins.  I like to teach letter sounds before letter names, so Tyler and I both went around talking about his 'fffff' a lot. 

Paper plate fish: color or paint the backside of two paper plates.  Cut a triangle out of each for a mouth/tail.  Staple the plates together, with the tail opposite the mouth.  We did this project the same day Alan read about Jonah, so we made a paper Jonah to go inside the fish.

Water play with fish figurines.  And a rubber ducky.  And a toy tire.  Because you just never know what you might find in the ocean, right? 

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