Tuesday, April 3, 2012

THAT'S not what I expected to happen...

These taekwondo days just keep getting more and more interesting.  

Today we planned on leaving super early for some errands.

As we were getting ready to go we watched footage of tornadoes ripping through Dallas/Fort Worth.  Knowing these storms would eventually be heading our way I prepped the boys that taekwondo might or might not happen.

We headed out with a quick stop at Sonic for Happy Hour (yay!) and a little bonus snack.  I wanted to be able to race home after tkd if necessary without worrying about food.  Usually have supper in the crockpot, but Greg had a late meeting at work.  All of this is not really necessary for the telling of this tale. I'm chasing rabbits.

To the point: by the time I met Greg at the walmart gas pumps we had discovered that our cellphones would hardly get through at all.  And learned that area schools were releasing early due to imminent storms.  That was a wee bit worrisome.

As soon as we switched vehicles (he took the kids) and parted ways I found out from folks back home that serious storms had popped up ahead of the ones we were expecting in another couple of hours from Dallas, and these new ones were just as severe and already upon us.

And I could NOT get in touch with Greg.

We are obsessive very careful weather watchers.  This just doesn't happen to us!

I proceeded with my plans, but very, very quickly.

By the time I was done and finally in touch with anyone by phone again it was beginning to rain and thunder.  Things were a bit chaotic.

Based on the information we could piece together, we did not want to race these storms home.

So the whole Herd descended on a couple in the area.  You know someone is a true friend when you can drop in on them with your 4 children in the rain, just as they are getting home from work.

The boys had a blast playing with their 1 yr old granddaughter and we were thankful to be reunited and able to keep an eye on the radar and warnings.

3 hours, 5 tornado warnings, 7 Braum's burgers, and 1 broken Easter decoration later, we felt safe enough to head home.

We are so thankful and appreciative for our friends, who are a picture of hospitality.  We may have been passed over by all the funnel clouds, but I wouldn't be surprised if they collapsed when we left like they had been hit by a tornado. 

And we never even went to taekwondo.


Kristin said...

So glad you made it home safely! I was worried!

Linda Jacobs said...


Arkansas Grandma said...

A happily ever after is always a good ending.