Monday, April 23, 2012

Thanks, Dear

We choose to remain in the dark ages cheap ways frugal living of cell phone use.

We don't carry smart phones, and our plan includes a limited amount of texts.  

In the years we've been on this plan, the limited amount of texting has never been a problem.  I have always texted to my heart's content and never gone over.  

Until this month.  And boy oh boy did I go over.

After learning of this unexpected expense I was fretting and stewing at that fact that I had cost us like that.

I realized that through all my talking about it Greg had carried on with regular conversation and playing with the boys.

I commented that he didn't seem very worried about it.

"It's just money," he told me.

Touched by his kind perspective, I thanked him for being so understanding and told him I appreciated it.  "A lot of men in your place would give their wives a hard time."

He told me again, "I'm not worried about it.  But it is coming out of your allowance."

(P.S. Just to clarify: I don't get an allowance, and spend freely from our funds.  That's what made this joke funny.)


Lisa said...

Lol! A real gem, he is!

Kristin said...

Haha, aw man! That's going to cut into your shoe shopping next month!

Kerimae said...

hee hee good stuff

Michelle said...

:-) How funny...