Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fried chicken livers.

I don't know how the majority of the population feels about them.  I suspect it is a love 'em / hate 'em, take 'em or leave 'em kind of feeling.
And possibly a regional thing?

We had livers off and on as I was growing up.  Rare enough to be a treat, and not too often to get tired of them.  Maybe 2 or 3 times a year?

With both of my first two pregnancies I had them more often, for the health benefits to mama & baby.

And then my baby was diagnosed with liver disease.  And had a liver transplant. And I held his removed, diseased liver in my hand.

And that was the end of my chicken liver eating.  I had no interest in or appetite for the organ meat of a chicken or any other critter.  I even avoided them in the Thanksgiving giblet gravy.

Four and a half years later, my little sister comes home for a visit, pregnant with her first child.  My mother, saddled with the same sudden liver aversion as me, decides for the sake of her other daughter and unborn grandchild, she must grit her teeth and carry on.

So she bought some chicken livers, fried 'em up, and served them.  And well... since there they were and they smelled pretty good, she went ahead and ate some, too.  Since there I was, across town and preggers myself, she made me up a sandwich and brought it over.

And what do you know, Sam I Am.... they weren't that bad.

In fact, they were "not that bad" enough that a couple of weeks later I drove through a local chicken place to try them again.  And enjoyed them.  The key is not to think too long or hard (or at all) about exactly what it is you are eating.

But considering the fact that I just wrote this post while eating yesterday's drive-thru left-overs, I'd say the self-imposed chicken liver prohibition has been lifted!

What about you? Do you like liver? Have you ever eaten it?  
Could you, would you, Sam-I-Am?


Kristin said...

"across town and preggers myself"
Hahaha, I lol-ed! I agree that you have to not think about what you are eating. I thoroughly enjoyed mine!

Lucy said...

I love fried chicken livers! I eat them with honey! Where did you get them locally? Do tell.

Betsy said...

I have a love/hate feeling about ckn livers. dh loves them but they aren't too good for your cholesterol, and when we buy livers (cooked)he usualy buys a chicken breast for me. I might eat one liver, a small piece.

Bobby said...

Just don't fry up beef liver and try to pass it off as steak(like your grandmama did.)

Janice Herrington said...

Amy I love fried(kinda hard) chicken livers with ketcup...My two sisters and I share the same on some good fried chicken livers....congrats on your new addition to your wonderful you all...and thanks for doing your blog love reading and seeing pictures that you post...

kelli@eatprayreadlove. said...

I have never even tried liver (I don't think) and surely can't after Landon's diagnosis! Lol.
But I am glad you can, since it is so good for you!