Monday, February 13, 2012

Sugar n' spice n'.... hairbows, of course.

After hooking Miss B up with a handful of hair accessories before she was ever born, things like life and, ohhhh, I dunno... taking care of a newborn and 3 other kids kind of got in the way of the crafting.

But after weeks of good intentions, I've finally whipped out a couple of hairbows!

I have to agree with what Christy said in her tutorial... it's addictive!

I've got a wholllle hanger full of ribbon and a baggie full of clips. 
I've even got a willing subject!

Now I've just got to find make the time.  I think that can be arranged. :)


Cindy said...

What a sweet little punkin'! I used to make these for my niece. She had the most glamorized hair within 100 miles of here! I would still make them for her except now she is 28 and probably wouldn't like the look so much.

Linda Jacobs said...

OMG, I love her cheeks! Too cute!