Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Random collection of thoughts, photos, and newsy bits

Sometimes when I want to write a blog post but have nothing in particular to say (which happens more often than I care to admit) I look through my photo files for random, forgotten pictures.

I do have a detailed, and knowing me, probably lengthy post on unmedicated childbirth cooking in my head, but it's not ready yet. 

So guess what?!  A tour through the ol' photo album!

First up, Dale wanted to make his own dessert creation.  With a little help from me and the internet, we came up with this:
S'mores Pizza!  Pizza crust, peanut butter, marshmallows, chocolate chips, crumbled graham crackers.
Make until melty and puffy.  Eat immediately.  Make another the next day with the other half of your pizza dough. Or maybe that's just us.

Have I mentioned it snowed!?  Always big news in this neck o' the woods, and this has been a fairly mild winter, with nary a hint of anything frozen.  Until one day last week!  We woke up to white and it lasted about half the day before the rain washed it away.  We still got our fill.  We love the snow, but we also love our 60 degree winter days. And might or might not venture out barefoot in them occasionally.  But not in the snow.  We suit up in full garb when it snows!  More or less.

One of my little Valentines:

Daddy had a birthday.  He also had help blowing out the candles.
My arm is stuck out all crazy ready to pull Tyler back in case he began to face plant into the flames.  I suppose I planned on snatching him by the hair on his head.  More likely I didn't have a plan.  Just reflexes on the ready.  And yes, the picture is blurry.  With the constant motion around here, I'm not surprised.

And finally, a picture of Tyler.  Just because I like the swirly-twirly motion in it.  And the sweet expression on his little baby face!


Arkansas Grandma said...

I always enjoy your photographic strolls especially when my grandkids are the subjects.

Betsy said...

Sweet pictures. Thanks for removing the word verification thing, those two words were impossible.

Cindy said...

Dale's pizza creation must appeal to me because I found myself licking my lips while looking at that picture.