Friday, February 10, 2012

I think we accidentally got a bird dog

So... we've had our dog -Triscuit- one week now.  

Things are going as well as could be expected, and I'd say even better than that.

I loved what the vet said after he checked her out.  "Y'all did good.  She did good."
Aww.... I thought that was sweet... like he thought she is a good match with our family.

She loves every one of us.  Except maybe Brooklyn. She's not interesting enough.  Either that or she doesn't drop enough food. ;)

A couple of days ago the boys were outside and came in to get me.

"Mama! I think Triscuit killed a bird!"

Really?  I went out to inspect and sure enough, there it was... a pile of feathers:

Growing up with cats I've seen piles of feathers plenty of times.  But uhhh....we don't have a cat.

And while I've seen neighborhood cats here and there, I've never found a pile of feathers in our yard.

What do you think?  Visiting kitty the same week we get a dog?


Silly dog.... birds are for kitties!
"What?  What'd I do??"


Betsy said...

the face of innocence, I'm thinking

Cindy said...

No way. Triscuit looks too innocent. Then on the other hand, I am a cat expert. I know a cat was NOT involved. Cats are so pure and innocent; wouldn't harm a flea really. Methinks a bird just lost a load of feathers. Maybe it is molting season. ;)

Jennifer said...

Hey Amy,

Thanks for stopping by my (rather defunct)blog...and leaving a comment. So nice of you to check on my:)

Yes, I have laid the blog to least, for now. But I really do enjoy trying to keep up with the blogs - and bloggers - I enjoy so much. Truly, I do not miss posting! but I do miss the "blogging" or the friends.

Yes, I admit - I have been keeping up with your news....those cute kiddies and Triscit, too! So cute!! But I don't always leave comments - does that make me a stalker?? Hope not.

I suppose I should do a better job at leaving comments - and thanks again for leaving yours! Hope all is well....and the week is off to a great start!!