Wednesday, February 8, 2012

14 Tabs.... and Counting

I have a habit.  A tab habit.

Sure, I prefer my browser nice and neat with just a tab or two (ok, or three) open, but more often than not my tabs are all eeety-bitty because there are so many open.

Things I don't necessarily want to add to favorites or delicious (or already have there), but I'm not quite done with yet.

Here's a little look at the tabs waiting on me this morning:

An art project I've had saved a while and intend to do this week with my boys: learning to draw figures using little green army men.

Self Made Scholar, a site dedicated to self-education and continued learning.  Ran across an article from this site somewhere and want to explore more from it.

In anticipation of Valentine's Day I have open Valentine's Crafts from Around the Web (saving primarily for the mini heart garland) and Easy Valentine's Fudge (hello, canned frosting and chocolate chips).

I almost always have a few recipes open.  Today is no exception. Cheeseburger Pie, Bubble Up Pizza, and Pepperoni Pizza Pasta. Oh, and a grind-your-own meat Old Fashioned Burger Stand Burger.  Looks like I'm hungry for burgers and pizza. :)

On the homeschooling front I have open an argument for teaching cursive first, an article on quitting (quitting the attempt to do it all on our own, anyway), and our Bible curriculum, to print Alan's coloring page.

Plus this hilarious Craig's listing for feral cats, linked to by Smockity Frocks (who also linked to a video of high school kids that couldn't answer basic trivia... funny and sad all at the same time).

And almost always Twitter and/or email.

Yes, that is 14 tabs (counting the one I'm writing this post in).  And I'm drinking heavy cream in my coffee today.  So there.

Several of these links are through my friend Keri Mae.


Lisa said...

HA!! Quite familiar with the tab addiction.

Cindy said...

I could not resist linking to that feral cat listing. Those cats do not look so vicious to me. I can wrestle a tiger to the ground. ;)

Kimberly said...

I used to tease Jonathan for his tab "issue", but now I am just as bad...and don't me started on when the computer decides restart itself for an update I didn't catch and goodbye tabs! AHHHH!!! ;)