Monday, May 16, 2011

Who says Mondays are no good?

In a departure from our usual m.o. (which involves staying with Mimi & Gramps or waiting for Daddy),  I took all 3 boys with me on a double appointment/errand trip this morning.

First stop was Alan's labs.  As usual he was a pro with the needle stick today, amazing the phlebotomist with being so brave and watching the whole procedure.

From there we had 2 hours to fill before my appointment, for which I did not want the boys arriving hungry, so we did the sensible thing and drove through Burger King for a bit of refreshment.

The boys wanted to eat inside! At the playgroundA request I ignored because #1, I think fast food playgrounds are gross, and #2, I had a better plan.

We ate our second breakfast of the day in the sunshine at the park.  The following hour was spent climbing, running, swinging, sliding, and pretending.  I may need to brush up on my 'fun mom' stuff though, because Dale shouted from the top of the playground equipment, "Coming here was a great idea, Mama!  Did Daddy tell you to do this??"

With still 25 minutes to appointment time, we headed to the nearest "Everything In This Store Is Only $1" type establishment, because Dale had $2 burning a hole in his pocket.  

A situation he quickly remedied with the purchase of two waterguns.  Amazing what you can get for $1!
Uh Oh
Finally came the appointment that had me wondering if I'd lost my sanity.  Taking 3 boys to an OB visit?  Really?

I had planned the whole thing in my head: where they would sit for the pre-visit checkup stuff, how to instruct them to be quiet for the actual visit, prepped them about the doppler & heartbeat, even packed a kid magazine for them to read.

One thing I had forgotten: the continually playing OB/GYN infomercial type things on the tv in the waiting room.  Does your waiting room have those?  Oh dear.  The topics covered there are enough to make one blush in mixed company.  Or maybe smirk behind a magazine at the poor young man that keeps loosening his tie, and who must be in his first week as a pharmaceutical rep.  But it's not so funny when you arrive in the waiting room with your 7 year old son and suddenly remember that tv.

Thankfully, we grabbed a magazine, quickly getting chatty enough to drown out the tv, and ended up having a blessedly short wait.  I think it might have been the shortest ever.  We even managed to be put in a room without any embarrassing posters on the walls!  What was I thinking bringing these boys to such a place!?  I totally lucked out.  Ok, so maybe God was blessing our day left & right. ;)

Through it all, my 3 gentlemen behaved themselves like... well.. .like true gentlemen.  I am so proud of them!

We were home by lunch, and just in time to try out our new loot!


Kristin said...

What sweet boys! I love your pictures. I'm glad you had a blessed morning!

ArkGrandma said...

What a cool story...thanks for sharing!!