Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shopping with men (& boys)

The buffaloes in my life definitely have their opinions on my clothes.  Who knew?

I consider myself a poor shopper.  I much prefer to shop with someone.  Alone, I will never buy a thing.  With my mom or sister, I'll probably spend too much.  But at least I'll come home with something new to wear!  So shopping with opinionated buffaloes should work out well.  One would think.

This weekend I found myself out shopping with my guys.  At stop number one, I tried on a maternity dress.  I loved the bright print and heavy feel of the fabric, but when I saw myself in it I wasn't quite sold.  I called Daddy Buffalo over for his opinion - you know, the across the store 'come here' nod.  

His assessment?  "It doesn't have much shape.  It looks like you are wearing a curtain."


Needless to say, that dress went back on the rack and we left there without buying a thing.

Later on in the day, I was in another store, this time with Dale and my mom.  She handed me a blouse to consider.  It was about hip length and was cut in a little at the waist, I think with a tie in the back.  However, it was also a button-up and in a vibrant plaid.  

Without even being asked for his opinion, Dale pipes up, "Oh no!  That is way too manly!"

Hmph.  I couldn't quite talk myself into it after that.  

Even if he is just 7.

If I want anything new to wear, it looks like I better stick with my women buddies!


5 Boys and a Princess said...

Just wait, it gets more intense when buying baby girl clothes! Our princess has 5 big brothers... I went in to get Old Navy flag shirts when she was just a few months old. I came back out to the van and told dh that I was seriously tempted to buy her a skort to go with her flag shirt. The skorts were denim with fun grosgrain ribbon trim. Dh freaked out that I wanted to buy her a mini skirt- it's a skort, that's cute shorts honey, not a mini skirt. DS1 freaked that they were denim- they have cute ribbon on them and they look like a skirt, okay? Then DS3 looked in the bag and freaked that her shirt was RED! (the boys got blue but that year they didn't have pink!) It took weeks to calm them all down and go back to Old Navy to get the skort. They haven't gotten much better in the last 8 years- she came out in a sundress today and they thought maybe she should wear her baseball underarmor under it (up to her chin and down to her wrists)

Amy said...

Lol! Oh no! I hadn't thought about them all weighing in on Little Girl's things! A whole new adventure...Haha!