Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Food, Recipes, and Oatmeal with Cheese

I have a new favorite-in-the-whole-wide-world website.

Pages and pages of pictures of food.  Casseroles, salads, pies, cookies, veggies, cakes... anything and everything you can imagine.  
Beautiful photos, each linking to the recipe for the item shown.  Updated several times a day.

I think I have broken the record for How Many Tabs I've Had Open in my Browser at Once thanks to this website:

Thanks to my visits to foodgawker I have more than doubled the number of recipes in my delicious account.

Thanks to foodgawker I have been inspired this week to spend more time in the kitchen.  I've made granola, salsa, tried 2 new supper recipes (with more on tap) and have made not 1, but 2 attempts at oven-baked potato chips.

A few days ago I saw a link for savory oatmeal.
I was slightly grossed out at the idea.
But something about it spoke to me, and I couldn't stop thinking about it.  

I kept wondering what oatmeal with olive oil and parmesan would taste like instead of brown sugar and cinnamon.

Finally this morning I couldn't stand it any longer.

I had to know.

Seeing as how my forte in the kitchen is making do with what I have, I went for my own homestyle southern version.

I cooked my oats, salting them a tiny bit more than the usual sweet directions would call for.  But not too much, because while they were cooking...

.... I fried bacon slices in a second pan.

While both of those were working I beat an egg really well.

When the oats were just moments from being done, I slowly drizzled in the egg.  After allowing it to set for a minute or so, I slowly stirred it in to make sure it was done through and through.

I poured up the egg and oats into a bowl, topped with crumbled bacon, a little bit of grated cheddar cheese, and fresh ground pepper.

The verdict?

Surprise, surprise.... savory oatmeal is good!

My first inclination was that I could take it or leave it.  I didn't feel like an instant convert or anything, even after polishing off the entire serving all by myself.

That should have been a clue, right there.  I can never finish a bowl of buttery sugary oats by myself.

And now, typing it all up and remembering the salty, bacony, warm, hearty goodness?

I think I just might have it again tomorrow!

Do you eat oatmeal?  Have you ever tried savory oats?

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Michelle said...

Yes on the oatmeal, no on the savory, but it sounds awesome!