Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My kids make me laugh.

All three of 'em.

Want in on the fun? Read on...

The boys' internal clocks have decided it is time to switch over to their summer "early rise" schedule.  This means instead of everyone peeking out of bed between 7:15 and 8:00 (after I have showered and dressed and had a little quiet time), happy, talkative faces are appearing between 6:30 and 7:00.

This week a businessman (the tow truck, if you follow me on twitter) was scheduled to come around 8.  Around 7:45 Dale asked what time it would be here.  When I told him 8, he responded:

"Oh good.  Usually I'd still be asleep then, but today I was up with the chickens!"
(For the record...?  We don't -and never had- have chickens.)

As we were heading out the door to the boys' weekly garden club at the library, they realized they needed their garden club notebooks.  Dale quickly snatched his up and marched towards the door.  In like fashion, Alan made a quick grab for his notebook and sped toward the door.

Not to be outdone, Tyler made a quick look around and saw the mornings' mail on a nearby chair.  With arms fully outstretched, he hastily gathered up two grocery store circulars, hugged them to his chest, and made his way proudly to the van.

For Easter this year, we tried something new and made resurrection rolls.  This involved dipping a marshmallow in butter, then cinnamon, and finally wrapping the whole thing in crescent roll dough.
Each step is a significant teaching moment to parallel Jesus and the crucifixion.  The highlight of the whole project is after the rolls have baked, breaking open the roll (which represents the tomb) to find the marshmallow completely gone and the 'tomb' empty.

The boys listened attentively throughout the whole dipping and wrapping process, and were duly impressed when their rolls were empty after baking.  Following through with the teaching moment like I had done all along, I asked the boys, "And what happened to Jesus on Easter morning?"

Without missing a beat, Alan gave his biggest grin and said:

"He melted!!"


Kristin said...

They made me laugh too!

Cindy said...

I am with Tyler on this one. He is making good 'green' use of those circulars!! Atta boy on recycling that notepaper!