Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up - February

It seems I only manage to get a "weekly" wrap up done once a month.  

Ah well, rest assured, we stay busy all month long.

Since January's wrap-up Dale:

- Finished his Beatitudes and weather lapbooks.

- Spent a good amount of time on Spelling City on Long E and Long O words

- Practiced measuring length

- Paused in his math book to better memorize some addition facts

- Began a study of dinosaurs, including making a fun activity book!

- Learned to play a new song on piano

- Learned how to work a sudoku puzzle


- Reviewed the letters P, Q, R, and S

- Colored, painted, cut and glued

- Began a dinosaur lapbook

- Read lots of books with me

Together we:
attended the first two meeting of the homeschool garden club at our local library, survived 6 whole days of Daddy being out of town, got back to living by a schedule again, saw our second and third snows of the year, finally made those snowman cookies, celebrated Daddy's birthday and Valentine's Day, finished reading Matthew, read the entire book of Mark, spent a week studying Leonardo da Vinci, and watched the last Discovery shuttle launch on tv.  Among other things.
Why yes that IS a giant chunk of cheese, thank-you-very-much!

In March I would like to:
- Finish dinosaurs, including Alan's lapbook and Dale's activity book
- Blog 5 days a week (with more pictures!)
- See Dale solid on memorized addition facts
- Finish our current *ahem* (4 month old) read-aloud (Heidi)
- Order prints for my January & February pictures

And Spring Break is also coming up this month!  We look forward to having Daddy home all day way more than we anticipate the break from school.

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Anonymous said...

Your blog is very pretty. Cute pics of your kids :) Sounds like a good month.

Wendi said...

I hope you don't mind, I borrowed your idea of monthly wrap-ups last month...and I plan to do the same this month. The weekly ones just come too quickly :)

Yay for spring break and for daddy vacation time...I hope you guys have fun!

Lizzie said...

Monthly wrap up is about right here too, grand idea. Your kids are adorable!