Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Daddy Buffalo!

Happy Birthday to the man who mows our grass, 

maintains our vehicles, 

works hard to put money in the bank, 

takes our family to church, 

holds me up when things are going south, 

holds me close when they already have, 

logs many hours of Candyland, Sorry, Yahtzee Jr. & Battleship with the boys, 

changes a truckload of diapers, 

buys our groceries (literally), 

pays our bills (again, literally), 

principals our school, 

makes me laugh, 

makes me sigh,

makes me swoon,

helps me grow.


Karen said...

Great tribute! Happy Birthday, Greg!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tribute about someone I love a lot, also.
"Glad I could make it happen 33 years ago".;) He was a "special arrival then". Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is Mom in Arkansas.

Linda Jacobs said...

I'd like to clone him and give the copies to all my students who have deadbeats for dads! Your boys are so lucky!