Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up - Wrapping up January

This week was hands-down the best week of school we've had in 2011!  
(So what if it is only the 4th week?) 

We got a lot done, and all relatively smoothly.  Of course, instead of leaving me feeling satisfied, I keep seeing all the more that I want to do!  There's always next week, right? ;)

Looking back:
Together we...
- Read and discussed Matthew chapters 8-19

- Made great progress in memorizing the Beatitudes
- Began a Beatitudes lapbook
- Added to his weather lapbook (clouds, raindrops, and hailstones)
- Practiced spelling Long U words
- Reviewed capitalization of proper nouns, etc
- Continued practicing 'borrowing'

- Reviewed the letter 'O'
- Water colored an octopus
- Made a tp tube octopus
- Played playdough
- Finished pages in his BIG Bible Activity book
- Worked alphabet puzzles
- Read lots of books with me

- Stacked blocks
- Had naps
- Did cute stuff

- Worked on Bible School plans
- Made next week's menu and grocery list
- Finally fixed that pesky page Tyler tore out of my Bible weeks ago (Matthew 5,6,7)

Looking ahead:
Dale - 
 - Measuring length
 - Long O words
 - Sentences and questions
 - Finish Lapbooks (weather & Beatitudes)

Alan - 
 - Letter 'P' words and activities

Together - 
 - Matthew 20-26 or 28
 - Art of Africa

 - Dentist appointment
 - Lesson plans for Dinosaur unit
 - Prepare for first VBS meeting

And hopefully....I would like to make snowman cookies, candy houses, and fit in a couple of piano lessons for Dale.

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Anonymous said...

So glad to see you posting again. I for one have missed you. I know it must be hard to blog every day and I am afraid that I don't comment to encourage you. The dentist visit was especially entertaining.