Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Or maybe the joke's on me?

Tonight at supper I recounted to Greg my phone call with his mom today, and the story of her getting double-charged at Dairy Queen during her recent visit here and how she had called the manager today and worked it all out and he had apologized profusely, even though she was telling him the whole time it was all okay and no big deal.

(Our dinner conversation can be so stimulating).

This led to the topic of being profusely apologized to, and Greg recalled a time before we were married that we ate out at a sit-down chain place that might rhyme with "Snapple-Trees." Or maybe it rhymed with "Billy's?" I can never remember which is which between those two places. It was one of the (very) rare occasions that we ordered dessert. Greg's was something a-la-mode, only he bit down on a little chunk of something metal in his second bite.


Brownie a-la-law-suite?

Not from us, of course. Instead of being angry we were more puzzled.

"What in the world is that?"

But we did alert the waitress, in case more little bits of shrapnel were hanging out in the ice cream tub in back.

And of course, she passed this info on to the manager on duty who came promptly to our table, informed us our meal would be on the house, and began the Apologizing Profusely.


Makes you wish there would be aluminum bits in all your desserts.

Or not.

Anyway... my point of all this was, we relived this story at supper tonight, but all Dale heard of it was the part where Greg said, "before we got married."

So when it was his turn to talk, Dale immediately raised this question:

"After y'all got married did you take off your wedding clothes and that's how you got me?"

We haven't the slightest idea where he came up with this.

And we thought aluminum in the ice cream was puzzling.


Michelle said...

Well alrighty then! Good luck with the answering of that in an appropriate manner for a 4 year old!!!!

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness!

Mommy said...

Oh me, oh my!

Kara said...

That is hilarious! Oh, and those brownies look so good I will have to make them and try not to eat them all myself:)

Becoming Me said...

What a cute blog you have. I found it from Kisses of Sunshine. That post was so funny. It kept me entertained the whole way through and then my jaw dropped. Man kids can throw off the balance huh? :-)

Tania said...

Oh my goodness that is so funny.
I just keep chuckling about it. (-:

Smockity Frocks said...

I keep checking here for updates. I hope everything's okay with you and yours, Amy.