Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hello, hello, my bloggy friends...

...what a crazy two weeks it's been.

Did you like my little poem? I feel it's about as far as my creativity will stretch right now!

It's been a busy couple of weeks, and I can tell you, the longer you go without blogging, the harder it gets to get back to it.

Here's some of what we've been up to:

My Dad and Greg went to a
NASCAR Cup Race. Fun! The first picture is the only pictorial evidence we have that my dad was there. Lesson: always hand the camera to someone and ask them to snap your picture. :)
Alan spent 4 days in the hospital. My mom was 'on duty' for this particular run - she and Greg and my Dad switch out, depending on who's available. Too bad for her (and Alan, of course), since this worked out to be a particularly rough stay. Day 1 was a lot of traveling with a rapidly escalating fever (104.5 anyone?) and a long afternoon/evening in the ER. We spent that night in ICU. All of day 2 was spent in ICU, and then we went to the regular floor, where we stayed 2 days. Needless to say, we all came home exhausted an it took a couple of days to recover.

Thankfully, Alan is back to his usual self, and still learning new stuff. He is a climber. Mark my words, he will be the child we make trips to the ER with that require stitches and casts, and have nothing to do with a liver transplant. Here he is sitting in his latest conquest:
Ignore the deceptive throne-like look of this chair. No way this 22-pounder is running the show. Nope. (You believe me, right?)

Four days after getting out of the hospital, we had a follow-up appointment in Dallas. My Dad and Dale were along for this one. These trips always end up costing me money. We go early for labs, and then have several hours to fill until appointment time. Not much else to do in downtown Dallas except shop! So adults take turns staying in the van with Alan while the other gets out for a little while. This time I bought shoes. A pair for me and a pair for Dale. Next time I think I'll try to find a park. A free one. Because the shopping is not good for the wallet.

And then there was the trip into Target. I'm a sucker for their little Dollar Bins at the entrance. This time there was dinosaur stuff, so Dale was the lucky one that came away with this:
Dinosaur Putty.

Why didn't they just call it what it is? Goo or Slime?

I say if you're going to go for it, go all the way!

It's pretty neat stuff, though:
And came with a plastic dinosaur submerged in the middle.

Hours of fun, I tell ya.

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fairenuff said...

When did Dale start looking so grown up???
Big hugs to all of you