Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hail, the conquering hero!

"Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father." Matthew 10:29

It doesn't take much for an event to qualify as 'exciting' around here. The smallest things can be worthy of much attention, anticipation, re-telling, and well... blogging. We had such an event Saturday morning.

Greg had gone out to do some work with some men. Dale and I were sitting in the house. We both suddenly became aware of a good little racket going on just behind us, out on the front porch.

My first thought was that a bird must be flying up against the screen, such was the scratching and chirping and wing-beating.

But there were no birds to be seen.

We went outside to further investigate and knew for sure that what we were hearing were definitely bird-sounds. Frantic bird-sounds. But from where?

It didn't take long at all to locate our distressed little bird-friend.

He was at the bottom of one of the columns that hold up the roof of the porch. Each one is open at the top, and apparently birdy had fallen down to the bottom. And since there was nothing to climb and not enough space to spread his wings, he was stuck there.

And he (or she, I suppose) was frantic.

Enter the excitement. And distress. I was so sad for the bird, that I was sure was going to panic itself to death at the bottom of our column. I called Greg, just to let him know. He would still be out for a while. We knew birdy had to come out that day, no matter if he lived or died. If we had waited three or four days and then tried to remove it, well.... you know.... "by this time he stinketh" (John 11:39).

Pretty soon birdy got quiet and quit the flailing and chirping. That made me feel some better, but then I'd be afraid he had expired down there. So every so often I would sneak up to the pole and put my ear to it, relieved to hear the scratching sounds from inside.

And then, finally, mid-afternoon, the Excitement, Part II began.

Greg gathered a jack and various other man-tools and supplies to be able to move the column. After a little trial and error, he found the right combination and eased up the pressure on the column. Not wanting to scoot the bottom of it and possibly break a little birdy leg, he slowly tipped the top of the column toward him.

And almost immediately, as soon as the first sliver of daylight lit up the inside of that column, a flash of dark feathers burst out from under it, singing the whole way. And he (or she) was welcomed with much singing in a tree across the street. Yay!

I got a quick little glimpse of how Jesus must have felt after healing the ten lepers.
(Luke 17:11-19)
"YOU'RE WELCOME!!" I shouted after birdy.

Oh well. I'm just glad we didn't have to bury a bird Saturday! I wonder if that is him I hear singing outside now?

Birds of a Feather

A robin in the treetops
With its breast so red and bright
It waits until the wind stops
And then he starts his flight

The blue jay sings so gaily
While it shows its feathers blue
The sun shows the mighty navy
And it shines on every hue

(Excerpt from First Place poem, Middle school division, by 7th grade homeschooler, Allix. Click
HERE to read the rest of this poem and the other winners!)

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Kristin said...

Once again, why can't my days be as exciting as yours? *sigh*