Thursday, April 24, 2008


I am a multi-tasker. I like to see how many things I can successfully do at once. In some ways, I think it must be part of the job requirements of being a mom.

I mentioned recently that Alan luuuvs to write and draw. While I was washing dishes this afternoon, Alan came through the kitchen and found a marker. So I set him up in his booster seat with a big piece of paper and his marker. Pretty soon Dale joined him, and I set out a couple of other markers.

I glanced over once to see Alan with two markers. If one is good, two is better, right?

Well, not quite.

You see, he had one of them upside down. So while he may have felt like he was coloring double-time, he was actually being slowed down by the upside down marker in one hand.

Watching Alan trying to do two things at once made me realize it is the same for multi-tasking sometimes.

Sometimes it is necessary and helpful.

And other times, we can actually get more done and done better if we focus on one thing at a time.

And the real irony of all these ponderings while I was washing dishes and the boys were coloring?

After my eyes and attention had gone back to the kitchen sink for apparently a little too long, Dale interrupted my thoughts:

"OH! He's eating his marker!"

And sure enough, Alan was slurping on Crayola Washable Blue like a lollipop.
Suddenly, my multi-tasking was over. Blueberry Boy had my undivided attention (not to mention a wet paper-towel swabbing his blue tongue).

So, lesson learned. Be careful the tasks you allow to divide your attention!

Now, if you'll excuse me, the phone is ringing, my email is waiting, the dryer is buzzing, the baby is crying, and the cat wants out.

Just kidding.

We don't have a cat. ;)

What about you? Are you a natural multi-tasker or a one-thing-at-a-time type?


Linda Jacobs said...

I love multi-tasking. On Saturdays I play on the computer for awhile, start a load of laundry, clean the bathroom, take a break for computer time, hang laundry or put in the dryer, do some crafting, vacuum and dust, compute, laundry, cleaning, crafting, etc. I need little treats all day to get the unpleasant chores done.

fairenuff said...

Absolutely, definitely a multi tasker!!

Tania said...

Definitely a multi-tasker, but some days I need to recognize the fact that at least one thing might get done right if I would just stick to it and do it. Then maybe I would feel a sense of accomplishment and not feel totally overwhelmed.(-:

Anonymous said...

I think all of us mommies become multi-taskers at some point whether we like it or not! I am definitely a multi-tasker... at home and at the job!