Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No foolin'

Dale has a thing for calendars & seasons. He loves the passing from one month to another, one season to the next. He likes to know what day & date it is and if any events, however large or small, are coming up.

Considering there was much! excitement! when moving from February 29th to March 1st, and seeing the First! Day! Of! Spring! approach, throughout the month of March we did some extra reading and projects about spring.

That was received very well, and anticipation of turning to April began to build, so I started wondering of things to do for April Fool's Day. Dale has never been introduced to all the trickery of April 1st, and I knew he would be old enough to appreciate and enjoy it this year.

But I never came up with any sort of plan or ideas.

Good thing.

They would have been a waste, because we will in no way, no how, under any circumstances in 2008 be teaching Dale the premise of "say something totally false (and make sure people believe you) but it is all ok because you follow up with 'April Fools'!

Morally opposed? No.

But I'm no 'fool' either.

Last night was our first big lesson on Telling the Truth as opposed to Making Up Stories, and What Happens When Dale Makes Up Stories. It involved some, ummm... Discipline, some tears, some hugs, and some more Teaching & Explaining.

So, 12 hours following the Big Lesson, Dale checks the calendar and reads "April Fool's Day".

"Mama? What's April Fool's Day?"

And that was the moment that I decided this is NOT the year for introducing the type of prank that involves un-truths. Because how can you explain to a 4 1/2 year old whom you JUST told how important it is to ALWAYS tell the truth that actually, it is ok once a year, as long as you are 'just foolin'.

Can we say confusing?

So our April Fool's Day has involved a lot of nonsense followed by "April Fools!" and much giggling.

My favorite?

Knock knock.

Who's there?

April Fool!

Have you been the instigator of any fun tricks today? Has anyone 'gotten' you?


fairenuff said...

"What's that crawling up your leg?"
"April fool!"


Perch a cushion on the top of the door with the door ajar. The next person who walks in gets a cushion on their head!

Michelle said...

My personal favorite..."Mrs. Wolf, there is a spider on your head." "No there isn't." "April Fool's!!" Repeat ad nauseum. :-)

Elly said...

Early this April Fool, Mike said to me "There' a drowned rat in the washing machine!", and I thought (honestly) - "What's he doing looking in the washing machine?" x Elly (ellypatt from LF)

Mommy said...

I totally forgot about April Fool's Day. Good points about teaching kids about that! I don't think I will be doing April Fools next year either.

Amy said...

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Tania said...

I totally forgot about April Fools Day, but seriously did you mean he literally read "April Fool's Day" on the calendar?? I am impressed if so, just because I have a five year old and we aren't at the point of reading. (-: