Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wednesday, October 8

5:30am - fuzzy winter pants, long sleeve shirt, big pink blanket. Sitting out in a lawn chair in my front yard with my husband, trying to catch glimpses of the coppery-colored moon through the clouds sailing by.

6:30am - taking advantage of the quiet of the house to get some Bible reading done. Trying desperately not to fall back asleep.

7:00am - out of the shower and hear Levi screaming. Sounds like he's been crying a while.

11:00am - A good bit of school under our belts so far, we meet homeschool seminary neighbor friends at the playground for a joint recess.

12:00pm - Daddy has an "off" schedule today and goes straight from class to his bus route. In other words, he isn't home for lunch as usual, so we keep working on school and eat a late lunch.

2:00pm - We take a break from school (aren't we almost done? really??) to work on a little craft project. It's "Goofy Glasses" night at Awana, so the four oldest kids all create a pair. Yay for free printables!

4:30pm - A quick straightening up around the house, a simple sandwich supper, and everyone gets ready for church.

6:30pm - Right on time for church. I spend my evening in the nursery taking care of my own two babies, joined by a mama friend taking care of her own wee nursling. 

8:30 - Kids are in pjs, I'm in my rocking chair. We all gather for bedtime prayers, followed by hugs and kisses. Always the bedtime hugs and kisses.

9:30 - Levi is in his cradle (how long will it last?) and here I sit with my computer. At the kitchen table tonight. That's different. Hoping to get to bed soon. Last night was too short. Tomorrow is another new day, and we'll do it all over again.

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