Friday, October 3, 2014

October 3 - Looking back... June:

Daddy took Dale, Alan, and Tyler to church camp for the first time. Alan and Tyler came home early with fevers, but still had a good time while it lasted. :)
Dale, on the other hand, stayed all 5 days, and came home saved! We had been talking with him about it for a couple of years, and it finally all connected for him at camp. Many happy tears and phone calls that night!

Just two days after coming home from camp, Dale was baptized by his Daddy, on Father's Day, no less!

That Sunday was also the day we left our little seminary home, our van loaded to absolute capacity (and then some!), not to return for 8 full weeks! (That's 56 nights, if you want to count it that way.)
And since I'm aspiring to write 28 more days in October (which would know...all of them), I think I'll save the retelling of the rest of that adventure for another day! 

G'night, all!

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