Saturday, October 4, 2014

Saturday! (October 4)

We took note of a certain "first" today. It may or may not have any impact on our immediate future...but after a week or two of  Daniel being out of the crib at night (and sharing the full-size bottom bunk with Tyler) this morning was the first time he discovered he can now get into bed with mama and daddy. 

'Round about 6:something this morning he sleepily stumbled into our room. Probably awake because he was cold - we had the windows open for the crisp fall-ness and when I pulled Daniel into bed with us his little feet were freeezing!  He let me snuggle him up like a great big teddy bear and we all dozed together while the sky grew light. 
Before too long Levi woke up and joined us. Sweet times!

Today was the last day of a several-day visit from my mom. She was in town for a few family portrait sessions. We took advantage of her working-visit to sneak in a new group shot of our ever-growing herd. It was the first picture (ever!) of all 8 of us together. :)
I snapped this one on our way to our photo-spot. Can you spy all 6 kids? I'll give you one hint...Greg's carrying Levi. ;)

After lunch we said good-bye to Mimi and carried on with Saturday-ish things like mowing the grass and laying out Sunday clothes. Which, for this particular Sunday involved a trip to storage to find fall things from our hand-me-down stash for a few of the kiddos.

I'm afraid Levi isn't going to grow fast enough to fit into his little pumpkin hat this fall.
But he says the eye-shading allows for wonderful napping. 

Happy First Saturday of October to all!


Kristin said...

That hat is too cute! It goes particularly well with his pink paci. ;)

Lois said...

I'm very happy to hear from you again! Just the other day it hit me that I hadn't anything from you in a LONG while...a day or two later, there you were! Couldn't believe it! :-) Welcome back, for however long we get you. ;-)