Thursday, January 31, 2013

Whatever floats your boat

We start most days with a short preschool time.  Mostly for Tyler, Brooklyn usually participates, Alan loves it, and Dale takes care of Daniel if he's awake.  If Daniel's awake, not Dale. Dale's always awake. :)

I like to do a weekly theme for preschool, and some gel better than others.

This week is 'Boats' inspired by, and semi related to, Alan's Five-In-a-Row book, The Little Red Lighthouse.

Today we read Bear Island

sang Row, Row, Row, Your Boat,

and read a picturebook of Noah and the Ark.

We talked about the fact that 40 days (how long it rained) is more than a month, after which we sang our months of the year song (to the tune and motions of The Macarena ,thank you Dr. Jean).

Then, tomorrow being the first day of February, we threw in a little ground hog rhyme, just for fun.

I cut out a construction paper square, circle, and triangle for each kid for a boat craft, but first we did a shapes song. Alan and Tyler loved it and asked to do it over and over.

The shapes song, to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle,Little Star":

Put your circle in the air,
Hold it high and keep it there,
Put your square behind your back,
Now please hold it in your lap.
Put your triangle on your toes,
Now please hold it on your nose.

Hold your circle in your hand,
Now it's time for you to stand,
Wave your triangle at the door,
Now please put it on the floor,
Hold your square and jump, jump, jump,
Now throw your square up, up, up!

When we finally finished singing the song, I cut the circles in half and the other shapes down to size and we glued them together to make boats.

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