Friday, January 11, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up - Week 17

I can't believe this was only the first week back after Christmas.  It has been the longest. week. ever!

Once again we have added on more school since Daniel was born.  As in more than just the basics, and both boys doing all/most subjects every day.  In another week or two we should be back up to our full load, plus some.

I am also putting us back on more of a schedule again.  It's hard.  But I know it's the best thing for all of us, so.... here we go!

Tyler stayed busy this week with workbook pages, puzzles, learning activities, and good ol' play time.

Dale only missed two words on his Wednesday spelling test, so 'argue' and 'continue' were the only words he had to work on the rest of the week.

He's been reviewing and practicing multiplication this week in math.  He reviewed cursive capitals (per his request) early in the week and did copy work the second half.  For Bible we continued in his Old Testament book, and for science he read aloud to Alan about worms from their science reader.  We've gotten back to piano practice for him; I was pleased with how good he did after several weeks off.  He also worked on social studies and computer science, and attended his second Library Book Club meeting.

My focus for Alan for the new year is lightening up in some ways, while be careful to only accept his best in others.  I think school had gotten a little dry and difficult for a 6 year old.  My first remedy for this has been easing up a little bit on quantity, and adding in Five In a Row.

With that, here was Alan's week:
Cursive: review
Reading: Frog and Toad.  I am so excited about Alan's reading.  That deserves its own blog post - soon.
Math - addition facts, ordinal numbers, telling time

Phonics - continued in Explode the Code 2 ('tr' blends)
Science (with Dale)

Five in a Row: We started with the book Three Names.  Alan loved it!

Today we finished it up with the fun stuff, roasting potatoes just like Mr. Beckett sometimes did: 

And after looking at all the shadows in the book's artwork, we went outside and traced our own!

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