Thursday, March 8, 2012

Monkey Business

Yesterday, as Greg was mowing for the first time this year, I remembered the time a golf ball came flying through our window.  I asked Alan to remove himself from said window and then began searching the blog   to find the post where I blogged about the golf ball and the broken glass and all the excitement.

I couldn't find it.  Boo!

But I did have a great trip down memory lane.  There was the funny story about an 18-month old Alan making me mind my manners, and another about nearly-5 year old Dale and his always-thinking little self.

I also thought, as I poked around here and there through my blogging years, "This blog used to be FUN!"

And maybe y'all think it still is.

But I'm thinking I need more kid quotes, more kid stories, and more kid pictures.  They are the most interesting and entertaining things I've got going on.  I've got twice as many kids now as I had then so it should be easy right? Ha! (That's a joke, you know.)

Oddly enough, in the all-kids-still-in-bed quietness of the morning, I was interrupted in the writing of this post by little tiny noises from Brooklyn's room.

She was up for nursing about a half hour ago and although she wasn't too happy when I laid her back down she quieted fairly quickly.  Until Greg and I recognized the sounds of one of her musical toys coming from her room.

Again.  And again.

And then she cried.  I went to get her and found her on her elbows playing with her found treasure.

New rule: No toys in Brooklyn's bed! 

Brooklyn, 6:23am, with her Fur Elise monkey toy
Not that it's too bad to have a busy little early morning buddy.  Everybody else gets up early around here.  She might as well, too!


Lisa said...

Good Morrrrrrrrning Brooklyn!!!

Kristin said...

Awwww! She is getting so big!