Saturday, March 3, 2012

We are living "it could be worse" Alternatively Tited...

... Count Your Blessings.

Saturday a.m.  Whole family up early.  No sleeping in around here.  Leisurely breakfast and relatively slow start to the day.  
I had asked Greg his plans for the day.  He mentioned some yard work he wanted to get done.
Dale was in the shower, the first one of us to shower today, when I sent Alan to put away a toy in his room.  Alan stopped short as he left the living room and asked, "What happened in the hallway?"

I ran to his side to see a river of water running toward me from the bathroom.

Turns out the knob that turns the water between shower and tub had broken loose from the pipes and water had sprayed everywhere throughout Dale's shower.  

So, Greg and the big boys are off to the "City" to shop for replacements.  They may come back with only a faucet.  Or they may be coming back with a whole new tub!  We shall see.

And here is where thankfulness starts.  
 - It could have broken on any weekday or Sunday.  But now Greg has an entire day to devote to planning and starting this new project.

 - It could have broken next Saturday, 2 days before we leave on our spring break vacation.

 - The water could have (and by all sense and design should have) soaked all the clothes in my closet (which backs up to the fixtures) and the carpet in our bedroom.  Instead, water ran the opposite direction: out of the bathroom, down the hallway, and into the living room, none of which are carpeted, guided by an unseen channel.  Or Hand. 

 - Even if it may have been earmarked for something else, we have the money in the bank to cover repairs and possibly an upgrade.

- We live in the same town and parents and grandparents.  That is an abundance of tubs and showers at our disposal.  No stinky buffaloes!

 - One glance at the news tells me lives are lost and entire towns wiped out in a tornado outbreak that spawned as many tornadoes in a day as usually seen in the entire month of March.  Seeing our home intact around us makes a little ol' shower pipe seem not quite as big a deal.

And would you believe that just yesterday I looked around our bathroom wistfully and thought how nice it would be to do some renovating in there?  Ha!  You just never know do you?

So... that's how our Saturday is shaping up.  An exercise in having a thankful heart.  It isn't always easy, but God is always good.  And I expect more challenges along the way.  Happy Saturday to you and yours!  You'll find us in the bathroom today. :)


Lisa said...

A thankful heart makes everything more manageable. I'm thankful your your attitude.

Kristin said...

Well... I say, congrats on the new bathroom! ;)

Michelle said...

Yay for water NOT soaking by our clothes!! Glad Greg was home and able to help.