Friday, March 16, 2012

Kids Say Funny Stuff...

...even on vacation!

This morning, for no particular reason, I sang, "raindrops keep falling on my head...".  I don't think Dale knows the song, but he jumped right in with a second line (and tune) all his own: "And I say that's better tha-an hail!"  Good point there, buddy.

Yesterday we had a conversation that included the Bible verse from Genesis that says God said "It is not good for man to be alone."  Today, the whole family was supposed to be having rest/nap time, but one by one the boys slipped out of their room.  Finally, with Dale and Tyler playing in the living room and Greg out for a run, Alan appeared next to my bed where I was laying with Brooklyn.  He launched into a typical Alan-rambling run-on sentence that went something like this: 

"We are supposed to be having rest time but Dale left our room and Tyler left our room and even though I was trying to go to sleep I was all by myself in our room so I got up because God says it isn't good for man to be alone."  

I couldn't argue with that one.

Kite-flying from the roof level deck... in pj's!
And finally, yesterday, in the tight quarters of a dining car at the railroad museum, Greg turned around to navigate to another section of the car and lost track of Tyler, who was basically right behind him.  But it was crowded and Tyler does only stand 2.5 feet tall.  "Where is Tyler?" he asked.

Tyler immediately piped up, "Here I am! I found me!"


Lisa said...

The great thing about a blog, besides sharing with all of us, is that you have a record of all their funnies!

Kristin said...

Haha, what fun kids are! :)
Yay, I'm gonna have one of those!

Betsy said...

We lol at what Tyler said, and that l-o-o-n-g sentence of Alan's was pretty cute too. Wish we could have heard the tune Dale sang about hail falling on his head. Funny Kids. Whats the latest funny thing Brooklyn has done? :)