Monday, March 12, 2012

Me & My Peeps...

... hanging out in the church nursery.

Last Sunday night we all went to church early because Daddy had a meeting.

The kiddos and I camped out in the nursery while we waiting for time for church to start.  I decided to document Brooklyn's outfit, since so many things she only wears 2 or 3 times.  

Once I had the camera out, everyone else wanted in on the action, too!

I missed church this week because of a yucky cold. :(  

Brooklyn and Tyler stayed home with me.  Because, what's the point, really, of sending a toddler when Mama is at home?

We sure miss our church family when we aren't there!


Cindy said...

Nice peeps! Long time no see of Trisha(Triscuit). How is girlfriend?

Linda Jacobs said...

Such cuties...including mom!

Michelle said...

Love miss B's smile!