Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A whole new appreciation for "non-toxic"

Around here we like to buy our drinking water from a dispenser 5 to 15 gallons at a time.

Occasionally that becomes inconvenient and Greg picks up a couple of gallon jugs from the store when he's there getting other things.

Such was the case earlier this week.  So instead of our usual methods, we've been pouring out of a gallon jug on the counter.

This morning I noticed there were two jugs open and poured from but didn't think much of it.  

Until Greg got home and looked down into the jug before pouring from it.

"There is a crayon in here," he announced.

Realization immediately dawns.  "Is it yellow?" I ask.

When Greg confirms that yes, the crayon at the bottom of our 'drinking' water is, indeed, yellow, I settle the quick question once and for all:

"That's the iron water."


Ok, for anyone that lives outside this house that makes no sense.

See, the iron water lives in my room, with the iron and ironing board, handily enough.  Several weeks ago, Tyler managed to remove the lid and drop in 1 yellow crayon.  Where it has remained ever since.

This week, the water jugs Greg brought home happen to be identical to the iron water jug.  

Why the iron water ended up in the kitchen, and this week of all weeks, I have no idea.

All I know is I drank two or three glasses of yellow-crayon-infused iron water today.

And I feel great.


Anonymous said...

at least it wasn't 'toxic' water!!

ArkGrandma said...

It's time to start writing your book.
Buffalos do the darnest (cutest) things.