Monday, June 27, 2011

Health & wellness in the buffalo herd

I'm glad I mentioned in my last post that we were entering VBS week.

At least when you came and found the blog stale all week you had a pretty good guess why, yes?

We survived the week pretty well.  VBS itself went great; a fun time was had by all.  I came out the other end with my second summer cold this month.  It's been a doozy, too.  Not sure what my deal is.  Too much going and not enough rest?  Pregnant immune system?  Too many extra kids?  All of the above?
VBS craft time!

At any rate, we are glad to be entering into this week with things going a little slower.  

"A little" being relative.  We all 5 left the house early this morning for a couple of kid checkups.  I love when the 5 of us go out together.  We enjoy each other's company.  A lot. :)

I brought absolutely no entertainment with us today.  Usually we all provide enough for each other.

At one point though, in an attempt to get Dale to sit in one place for a while, I grabbed a brochure off the wall and handed it to him to read.  I did look before I grabbed... didn't think it appropriate for him to read the ins and outs and whys of an HPV vaccine, ya know?

After barely getting started on my selected material Dale protested a little with "I don't think I should be reading this."  I argued with him - told him to read it and see what he found out.  But again, just a moment later he looked at me, this time with tears in his eyes, and said, "I don't think I should be reading this."  

Apparently the signs, symptoms, and prevention measures of lead poisoning is disturbing to 7 year olds.  Who knew?

I then gave him the information sheet on parenting a 16-24 month old instead, and he was much happier.  And hey, it never hurts to have a big brother in-the-know on choking hazards and potty training tips!

Do you bring along stuff to do on waiting-trips?  What kinds of toys and diversions are lurking in your purse or diaper bag?


Kristin said...

Poor Dale! Pack that boy a book next time!

Michelle said...

Little note pads and pens. Emi "writes around the room" (words that are on the wall, decode and copy or just name things). Rachel and Lauren I will either give a story starter, or they all draw.