Friday, June 17, 2011

Making Baby Things

A sweet friend of mine recently had a baby girl.  Seeing as how she already had a big sister, I knew their house would be full of all the basics, and that I must take this opportunity to make a little girly sump'm sump'm.  I need the practice, anyway, right?  

Today I got to meet this bundle of preciousness for the first time.  And hold her.  And kiss her little head.  And pet her pretty feet.  And... well... you get the idea.

One of my own favorite baby items has been a light-weight sheet blanket.  They are great for all seasons and well into baby's second year!

So.... I took a humongous piece of fabric and hemmed it up.

To step it up a girly notch, I made and attached 3 crushed fabric flowers.

And because every girl needs matching accessories, I made one more flower and attached it to a hair clip.

I also just so happen to have another humongo piece of fabric waiting to be hemmed up for my own baby girl.  Complete with fabric flowers, of course.  Really... I just couldn't help myself. :)

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Kristin said...

Squee!!! I love it!!! Argh, can't wait! Name???? You are 2/3 there!!!