Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Regrouping... (and I don't mean 'carry the one')

Today was one of those days...

One of those days when things keep going not-quite-right.

When attitudes need a lot of adjusting - both mine and the boys.

When distractions and delays can't seem to stop popping up.

Sometimes on those days it seems like once I've gotten off on the wrong foot I mis-step  my way through the rest of the day unless I find some way to reset myself.

And I hate to admit it, but I often forget to 'reset' until things have spiraled so far down that I am desperate for a fresh start.  And then God is gracious enough to remind me of one of the following ways to start over.  (He was probably reminding all along, and I didn't hear him until I was desperate!  But that's a discussion for another day, hm?)

The point is, sometimes one (or more) of the following does the trick to help us regroup and start over when we are having 'one of those days'.

 - Literally start over.  I have been known to reset the family at the beginning of our written schedule for the day, if we are using one that day.  No matter what time it is, we erase the written-in times and put in new ones.  Things may get missed later on, but the fresh start does wonders - just like rebooting your computer when it gets all wonky!

 - Hide and seek.  If it is my attitude that is a problem more than the boys', it is helpful to hide in my room (or my closet, but - shhh - don't tell my boys!) and seek God's help.  I am afraid I am a slow learner, because on the worst days I have to play multiple rounds of hide and seek.  But God is good, and he always answers.  I don't know why I am still surprised, but I often am surprised when joy naturally bubbles up where tension was just before.

 - Smile!  It feels so silly, but sometimes just putting a smile on your face can change everything.  This is the method I found myself using today.  In the middle of helping the boys clean their room and starting a load of laundry, I stopped barking orders and pasted a smile on my face instead.  Alone.  In the laundry room.  It felt so funny that I may have giggled, just a little bit.  And I kept smiling, even though (or maybe because) I felt like a smiley housewife-in-heels from a 1950s laundry soap commercial.  Not that I've seen many 1950s commercials.  But you get the picture.  If only I'd been wearing my pearls.  

How do you regroup when it all goes bad?


Jamie said...

I felt the same today but my day started going crazy at 5 this morning.It is either the dogs or schooling and the headache that comes on in an instant. I need one of those RED RESET buttons!!!!

Tracey said...

I had the same kind of day. I did stop myself from being so grumpy, but I didn't seek God. I should have, I probably would have gotten over it sooner! Usually, if we're having one of those days, I'll go into a room by myslf to pray. I've tried the smiling thing, too!