Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Alan!

  Little boys are treasures
Who are worth their weight in gold
And charm everyone around them
From the time they're hours old.
They're Mommy's little darling,
They're a special pal to Dad,
And they bring the very happiest days
A family's ever had!

I decided for Alan's birthday post I wanted to write a little poem for him.  But wanting to and having the mental tenacity to actually do so are two different things.  So I grabbed one from the 'net.  That doesn't ruin it for you does it?  

At any rate, my middle treasure is 4 years old!

Happy Birthday, Precious Boy!  I love you!


Lisa said...

A very precious treasure, indeed! And a good little cupcake decorator too! :)

Arkansas Grandma said...

Arkansas Grandma loves this 4 year old a whole bunch. Thanks for sharing the pictures of his special day.

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday tooo yoouuu, happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear, Alan!!! Happy Birthday tooo youuu!!!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to your little buddy. I first starting reading/following your blog when I came across Alan's story. What a precious story...and such a sweetie! I know all of you are enjoying your cute four year old:)